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John Watters

Mindless Tops and Courageous Middles
Here's a recent example of a courageous Middle taking a Stand. George Galloway (the leader of the Respect Party in UK and the Top in this scenario) said in a podcast earlier this month that the allegations against Julian Assange (of WikiLeaks fame) by the two Swedish women did not constitute rape "as most people understood it" but simply "bad sexual etiquette. His deputy leader, Salma Yaqoob ( resigned in protest saying his comments had let down the women of Bradford. Galloway had been elected with the support of many Asian women from traditional backgrounds. Yaqoob said Galloways's comments "open the door to women being treated in a certain way; you are just dismissed, your views are not taken seriously and a certain reactionary attitude is encouraged rather than challenged". The cost of her Middle Stand: death threats.

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